Nonprofessional gestures of Newscasters

There are number of newscasters performing their duties in different channels but one newscaster is getting more attention due to their unusual and extraordinary gestures. Female newscasters who act like this way are definitely more than one but this one has forgotten her rules and regulation to break the news and acts as she is an actor and performing some darama performance. Those female newscasters forget their professionalism and become Bollywood heroines after sitting on news table.

On the other hand, according to some report, people also like to see those channels in which feminine sector are strongly involved and those channels get more ratings than others.With the passage of time, female newscasters are getting more fame day by day and getting success to place themselves at big seats in media sectors than male departments.

Setting aside all issues about the ratings of any channel, one thing must be seized by the news channels which related to ethics and it is going to be off day by day when the female sectors are spreading in news channels. They seems as they are presenting some clothing brands with some makeup tags but not for broadcasting.

When it talks about the trend of people they also have some precise channels which they tune after getting free to have news stuff but when they see these kinds of stuff it definitely hurt them. It does not matter whether it is male or female who is announcing the news stuff but rules and regulations must be over him otherwise it will create problem.

When we talk about given footage in which one of female newscaster is reporting about some cricket player in very awkward way which does not suit her and her profession. It may possible that player will have the same qualities as she is attributing with him but it should be in reasonable way.Multimedia and journalism does not allow anyone to humiliate to any person like this way as she is trying during her duty. That player also deserves criticism when he did not play well but when he does better he must have appreciation but in decent manner. So our newscasters should never forget their rules and regulation while reporting to someone.


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