No Word for Fathers’ Affection

Can we explain the difference between animals and human beings? When we think over it we find that affection, care and love are the things that differentiate human beings from animals. Due to this emotional bond, we are called as the best creature of Allah. Verily, the whole world can become heaven if we choose to spread love all over the world rather than other ordinary things.

Today, we are going to talk about the pure love of fathers to their families in the rest of the world. A society can never be completed with the basic unit of family with a pivotal role of father in it. Generally, we find fathers bread winners and mothers are devoted to look after the kids. Since kids spend more time with mothers so they have more affection towards them. Barely there are times when fathers get tribute from their beloved ones (family).

Undoubtedly, we can see that children are more attracted to their mothers as discussed early. In fact, the reason to have little bit less affection with fathers is only due to their strictness that is applied on the children in normal routine. Fathers always want to make their children stronger and more confident to compete the challenges of life. So to see these qualities in their children, fathers have to take some steps for the better future of their children.

Children always have some complaints about their fathers’ behavior as they always find somewhat harsh, strict and reserved behavior from them.

In Middle East, some artists paid tribute to fathers of the world. They made an animated movie and presented it in movie festival where it won accolades not only from jury but also from public. The purpose to make this movie was only to realize the people about fathers’ silent affection with their families.

Later on, this emotional movie was uploaded on internet and it became viral by winning the hearts of millions of people across the world. The strange and probably the best thing of the movie was the absence of any sort of dialogue which made it far more effective for the public.


The bottom line of the animated movie is to acknowledge the struggle of the fathers which find a very small time to express their feelings for children. Fathers always do the thankless efforts for the family including children and never complain of anything. They definitely deserve the love from their children at utmost level as the mothers get most of the times.

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