NGOs Need to Encircle Backward Zones

Backward Countries have produced a large space for NGOs to work and work in better ways. As the governments of those countries do not have enough time to fulfill the demands of their voters or countrymen. They are busy to fill their own pockets and every coming ruler use his authority as he will never come again at this position. NGOs are the single institutions in those countries that have become the hopes of the poor.

NGOs are working in such magnificent manner as they are the rulers and have developed a lot trust of people. NGOs cover the whole aspects of one’s life and try to their level best to provide everything to the poor. Not only these NGOs bodies provide necessities to the poor but also create opportunities of jobs for deserving people.

NGOs bodies were officially established in 1945 at the platform of United Nations. These bodies are not only working in third world countries but also have deployed their emergency services in developed countries. About 1.5 million NGOs bodies are working only in America. If we talk about Raussia, there are about 227000 NGOs are performing duties to serve the poor or needy people.

Now a days, the most important aspect that is going to be at high level is about the matter of freedom of females. In most of the developing countries or third world countries, females are being victimized by all means. They even need to escort themselves while going out of their home in daylight. Everybody can count number of incidents about females disrespect.

Given video clip also is the worst example of it, in which one boy is feeling proud to admit of having extramarital relation forcefully with one girl. One it was asked him again, he did not feel any shame or anything else and answered bravely. It was such bad example of out society in which no security can be found for females.

It was enough for that lad to get punished as the host of that program got stand up and was bashed on him badly. He did not stop on the set either he also came again outside of his interview room and again started to curse him. So NGOs are required in these areas to protect the respect of females from such savages. NGO can play better role to help the victim and to sentence the harassers.


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