NGOs need for Behavioral Institute to end Domestic Violence

NGOs exist in countries as non-governmental institutions and take part in some of crucial social issues. So NGOs need for Behavioral Institute to end Domestic Violence in those areas. Governments also help the NGOs and remain attached with each other to diminish the problems of the people. Mostly NGOs highlight those issues in the societies which remain unseen from government institutions. There are number of problems that exist and directly related to the people and most of them is the disturbing behavior of parents toward their children.

The big raising problem mostly in third world countries is domestic violence. Domestic violence is going to become a very pathetic situation and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Family lives are getting shattered by this horrible offense. Husband is found as a main character in this whole story that plays a significant role in this whole matter.

Most of the time, it was found that uneducated and illiterate husbands became the reason to ruin the families. But some of the time, educated and literate couples also become the part of this bad game. Those persons not only ruin their own lives but also their children. NGOs must target those elements not for punishment but for their behavior rehabilitation toward their families. In Behavioral institute, NGOs must have focus to develop the positive approach of husbands toward their wives and children.

Actually it is found a common vogue in backward areas of third world countries as husbands take their wives as a house maid and nothing else which is totally against human rights. But in educated homes also, this domestic violence exist which ruin the personalities of their children with same pace. So NGOs must put its maximum efforts to give behavioral instructions to the parents.

One renowned NGO releases a conclusive report on rural areas of third world counties in which officials strongly forced to build behavioral institute for uneducated couples. Uneducated couples give uneducated families and vice versa. Undoubtedly, education does matter in all aspects of life for both man and woman.

In given video clip, when one couple goes to meet with another couple, their children also meet with each other and started to play. Both couple gets astonished when they see their children becoming bride and groom and when both are planning to shout each other in their next life. So such couple has need for behavioral institutes to change their daily routine life in right direction.


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