NGO organizations Must Play Role in Backward Countries

The word NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization with the purpose of defending or promoting the definite causes. First time, this term was used in United Nations in 1945 at the right time when the institution of United Nations shaped. According to the definition of World Bank, it prescribes as those privates institutions which try to relief the poor by promoting their interests and also have inclination in its charter to provide better social services.

Speaking collectively, these institutions also accept to undertake all the challenges that do not receive any attention from the ruling elite. There is also another sector having the same purpose with relatively same name as INGO that stands for international non-governmental organization. It style of working differs from later one and it encircles the issues of whole world.

Both, NGO and INGO, deal with the problems of human beings regardless the country, nation, religion or anything else. These organizations are determined to help the humanity so they do either in the east or in the west. To fight with the issues of the poor is their main tasks as those organizations fight for education, health, rehabilitation, relief, human rights and many more.

These NGOs play a vital role in the countries and decides to work to inform the people about their rights known as Human Rights. To provide a platform against such cruelties is their basic agenda. To take initiative against the unawareness also included in their charter in the third world countries. Unawareness is one of the fatal elements in the societies that are going to destroy the beauty of world.

After seeing the given clip, it will be clear to all of us how important is to take useful steps to eliminate unawareness in third world backward areas. Given clip gives us the lesson about the people who are yet not taking interest to get education. Without education no one nation can prosper and flourish. One can see in what conditions Step Father buries her daughter alive and how she survives.

NGOs are the only hope in third world countries that can play vital role and help the coming generations. Because sitting governments have no time for their voters as they have their own so many jobs to do. So NGOs must participate in ignorant areas of backward countries for the welfare of coming generation.

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