NGO Must play role Avoid These Incidents

Here are are going to aware numbers of NGO organizations which are working around the world and never tired to show its performance in European countries to get money. Here are have no regret to share some of shocking footage of some religious people who are using females in the veil of religion. One of famous private channel aired this report from India.

Reportedly, the story breaking channel who showed  valor to unveil these elements who use the religion for their own wish and do everything with the females of Hindu religion. These religious culprits have full freedom to do anything with the females and the male partners even cannot do anything against their will. When this story was gone on air people had fury and wanted to drag those culprits.

These shocking footage have shocked and damaged the belief and faith of many viewers and they have been helpless whey they think about their religious masters. They demand for strict and immediate capital punishment for those who broke their beliefs into pieces and committed a sin. People of India are very blind in the regard and had complete faith on their religious masters but in vein.

On the other hand, different NGO organizations also have been fully activated after seeing this report and they started to increase the pressure on institutions to pull all those culprits as soon as possible. Actually NGO must play important role in these rural areas where people are less educated and those organization must enhance their communications with those rural people.

When these NGO organizations work freely and will try to mitigate the communication gap, those organization certainly would be able to cultivate a civilized society. Those organizations should be responsible for these uncivilized populated areas where people do not know even what they should after getting from bathroom.

These incidents of religious people who are playing according to their will with innocent people of rural areas they should be punished with capital punishment. They should be punished as every coming religious person should know about the end if he does anything wrong with his pious profession. NGO organizations should again think about its rules in these Indian rural areas.

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