New York: US Army Achieves Big Milestone

New York: US Army has achieved another milestone in the field of war techniques. Now US army has been able to develop very fine bee-sized drone for spy-purposes. It is not the first invention of American Army like this they are always remained on the way of struggle to upgrade its abilities. In this world, only one army exists that is more facilitated and more technically quipped that is US Army.

US nation is very hardworking and devoted to its country for its durability. For years, US nation and its army is fighting against their enemies all around the world. The whole nation is well determined and well shaped in its ideas to sustain its country in better ways and wants to see it more prosperous than ever before.

US Army is also equipped with latest drone but those cannot be used in much decent ways as these new ones can. These drones are very small in its size and can be penetrated anywhere without leaving any sign of its presence. It is as same as flying insects with two feathers and two eyes (cameras).

These drones are sent to the enemy’s territory by some sources, it may be war airplanes or helicopter. Due to its small insect-like appearance, nobody can judge its presence and easily can be deceived. It can be helpful in those territories where physical appearance cannot manage.

The whole credit goes to the American nation who does not get lame excuses to pay taxes to the government of America. They do it for the safety of their own future and know very well about the importance of their tax amount.

Us Army also replies with the same determination to its nation and it never let its nations’ heads down. They always fight against their enemies and do not let them to penetrate in the sacred interests of its nation. US Army is in the state of war after the 9/11 and do not know exactly when they will get rid from this tiring situation.

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