Our new generation and European culture

Sadly, we as a country exceptionally close to lost our personality because of European culture. Our new era has been dependent on European culture and they didn’t have any disgrace while rehearsing it straightforwardly. They hone ignoble culture in the school, schools and college as well as in their homes on the diverse occasions of wedding functions, birthdays and engagements.

It appears as we are not living in Islamic Republic Pakistan but rather in the nation of European Union. As a matter of first importance, our folks are in charge of this who guarantee themselves for their improvement and what’s to come. They see themselves as the well wisher of their kids as opposed to some other figure in the general public and they are additionally right in this matter.

So why they are not giving them the proclaiming of Islam and why they are not giving the best possible learning about the Islamic culture? They ought to give same proclaiming of Islam and culture which they got from their folks at the season of adolescence. They have been busier than their folks however they would likewise get a greater number of issues than their folks along these lines.

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Coming towards the new era, they even did not know appropriately about the nuts and bolts of Islam. They don’t stand out enough to be noticed from their folks in this matter. Their folks look occupied in the changed gatherings and get back home at late evenings. They have given all supervision to their cleaning specialists who take care of their kids and that’s it. More often than not, moms are discovered occupied all alone matters and fathers are screwed over thanks to office gatherings.

Along these lines, thusly, there would be nobody liable in the kids side as they even don’t have legitimate direction from their folks. So they would do what they would get from their surroundings either European culture or Islamic lecturing.

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