Neil Misbehaves with Two Big Khans

It will happen never ever again! Neil was continuously shaking being performing the act in which he had to say shut up to Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan which was forced to say by Khans themselves. Yes! It was all planned by the producers and Khans to give new performance to their audience around the world. Off course, Neil was shocked after having the lines of his act in front of Two Big Khans.

Katrina and Bipasha were shocked after seeing the very horrible response from Neil’s side. According to them, Neil must not outburst in this way on Great Names during Filmfare Awards. They were rushed with panic to Neil to ask him to apologize to both Khans. In fact, this repugnant act was discouraged by all audience who were sat there in award ceremony.

To rewind the scene….during the Filmfare Award Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan wanted to take on blue-eyed-boy on stage, riling Neil ruthlessly. At the end, Shah Rukh got success when he jumped on his name.  While talking with Neil, Shah Rukh smiled and asked, he has three first names in a row but on one is surname. It was enough to get outrageous for Neil Nitin Mukesh.

So war begins ….as both Khans did not leave him even to take a slight and after hearing about his family. Neil said to Khans to restrain themselves as they can see his father is with him in audience. It was such a superb horrible and shocked acting by Neil who left all the attendants in amazement. The very next sentence was very unbelievable for everyone and there was a pin drop silence there.

Neil warned them with smirk and said to Shah Rukh “Shut up”.  Remembering the event with an uncomfortable smile he says, he is still in shocking state. So Neil further explains how it was difficult to him to say Sir Shah Rukh to “Shut Up”. But the picture was not finished there was another act which was going to be performed with same three guys.

When the Filmfare Award Show was near to end, Neil again walked up to both Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan and again stunned everybody and completed his given task. He was there with some eggs and broke all eggs on their heads. But, as it is already told that all happenings were the part of little story that was arranged by Shah Rukh Khan and his co-host Saif Ali Khan.

Shah Rukh with meaningful smile asked Neik, why he had not surname as he had three first names in a row. It gave him outrageous look and he got outburst at both of them especially Shah Rukh. He gave gesture of bit upset and asked them to restrain themselves as he had his father with him in audience. The moment was out of breath for all audience as it never happened before.

Rekha, Bipasha, Katrina, Kajol all were shocked over Neil’s despicable behavior and forgot to have breath. Pin drop silence had been arisen. It further got more disturbed when Neil said to Khans to “Shut Up”.  The temperature had got its high level and near to uncontrollable. Now everybody was motionless and wanted to choke off but in vain.

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s did not get contented over it and he again misbehaved at the end of the show. He walked up to them at stage and picked up some eggs from somewhere. He broke all the eggs over their heads and in this way the “show” in the show ended up. Everybody was worried what’s wrong with that blue-eyed-body who never ever spoke loudly with his driver.

After ending all this, audience was very eager to know the curious act of Neil Nitin Mukesh who had very soft thinking in people’s mind. So they were told about the whole planning by media and it gave pleasure as his thinking about Neil Nitin Mukesh will remain still good. Neil himself says he will not do ever again like this shocking act.

Neil Misbehaves with Two Big Khans

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