Nazia Baig speaks about Cancer Patients

Nazia Baig speaks about cancer patient and starts to weep baldy when she was configuring their problems. According to her, she had one trip in Cancer Hospital and she saw cancer patients in too much trouble. She also thanked to all those cancer organizations around the world which are working for the welfare of cancer patients. She also admired to Imran Khan on her grand opening in Peshawar about cancer hospital.

According to repors, people are facing too much problems by cancer and mostly females are becoming patients of breast cancer. There are also many types of cancer like breast cancer, skin cancer, lungs cancer and many more. However, most of the people are becoming patients of blood cancer which is the most common disease in cancer category.

In this disease patients unfortunately is started to lose his blood and he needs to get blood on every third month. There are numbers of patients who are losing their lives due to blood cancer around the whole world.

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According to reports, many people are dying due to different cancer diseases and also not getting proper treatments from their countries. It is also said as people are also not well aware about cancer symptoms and they are found very relaxed after having cancer symptoms.

According to reports, they take those cancer symptoms as minor and let those symptoms to be enlarged. According to doctors of cancer hospitals, patients are met with them mostly at the final stages and they also got helpless to cure those patients. Doctors also advise to all patients and their guardians to check their blood tests every six months so that they can have their health information especially regarding cancer diseases.

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