NASA tells about Crack on Moon Surface

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) did not believe on the belief of Muslims about the moon split. Undoubtedly, the religion of Islam is at first position that is growing astonishingly in London. The only reason is to embrace Islam for non-Muslim because it gives solutions to those who come in its circle.

The video that is shared with you has a powerful natural belief in it but NASA has rejected it forcefully. After the release of this research results, numbers of people got astonished who were non-Muslims not only in London but also in the rest of whole Europe and America. The people who are related to science they are yet confused over this reality.

The Miracle about split of moon was demonstrated in the era of Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago. So people who are related to science have some reservations from the day first about this miracle so they deiced to have analysis on it. On the other hand, NASA also took footage of moon but they could not find any clue about the breakage according to them.

It does not matter where Muslims are living either in London or New York; this news gives equal pleasure to all Muslims around the world. If we read the whole story of moon split in the age of Prophet Muhammad, it will come to know that one part of moon had gone behind mountain and other part of moon was in front of mountain.When the whole matter was going to happen and after its completion, the Prophet Muhammad turned to their opponents and comrades and said to become the witness.

So it was enough for the non-Muslims in the era of Prophet Muhammad who had some wisdom but not for the stubborn.Being a Muslims, we should not care about the claims of NASA as they said they have not any clue. Because if we have any doubt over this miracle, it definitely disturbs our beliefs badly. We believe over this miracle without any proof and did not care of NASA absolutely.


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