Mysterious Creatures discovered in Australia

Fallen Angel one of mysterious creature was discovered on June 28, 2006 by two friends who were on their way while travelling at night close to Campdevanol in Spanish Forest. Without telling anything about their visiting in Spanish Forest as what they were doing there, they caught video of unexpected guest. They tried to figure it out as what was it but they could not do that due to some reasons.

At the point of Montauk, there was an Monster animal carcass discovered on a beach near New York in 2006. It was also discovered by group of friends who were on visiting on beach who were looking for spot to hangout. It was seemed like raccoon sea turtle, sheep and dog but not confirmed about exact species.


In Thailand, there was also another mysterious creature found by the locals who also remained unresolved while the day of discovery. Locals preserved this mysterious creature as it is showing in the footage for the scientist as it may helpful for getting some clue. But this Thailand creature also got the same position of without identification as earlier.

Another mysterious creature named Pope Lick Monster having furry resembling goat like legs and wide eye with hornes were also discovered. According to the narrator, it was referred to Goatman as Pope Lick Monster was captured and remained in the use of freak shows which could not survive during train derailment. It is also said as Pope is luring people and frightening them.

There was another Mysterious creature named Tiny Humanoid in October of 2002 was discovered when one family was on vacation in Southern Chilean City.This very small humanoid creature which had roughly its size of 7.2 centimeter long was found in bushes by a child. According to journalist Rodrigo Ugarte with other evidences which were gathered had the same notions about this mysterious creature.

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