Muhammad Al Faatih: The Conqueror of Constantinople

The big city of present Turkey, with the present name Istanbul that was recalled with the name of Constantinople, has been a dream for Muslim commanders to conquer. This effort was started to conquer Constantinople from the era of revered companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as they has listened some unforgettable sounds about the conqueror of Constantinople.

Yes, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said he would be considered the best commander with his army who will get the control of Constantinople from non-believers. There were many attempts made at the time of Hazrat Muawiya but the success was waiting for someone else. It remained a riddle for eight centuries as who would be the lucky conqueror for this battle.

On 835 A.H. Muahmmad Al Faatih was born having the father name of Sultan Murad II, the Sultan of Seventh Ottoman. His father brought him up under his own charismatic supervision and trained him as a next coming Sultan. Muhammad Al Faatih was being trained to shoulder the responsibilities of the whole army.

Muhammad Al Faatih was very brilliant in his memory as he learnt all Prophetic sayings and Quran as well. He also specialized in Islamic jurisprudence, astronomy and mathematics. He also had skill to speak language like Latin, Greek, Persian and Arabic. He was also appointed as a ruler for small emirates just to gain the experience.

When he became the Sultan after the demise of his father, he was only 22-year-old young boy very ambitious and enthusiastic. First, he made a huge fort to prevent Europe to support the Constantinople during the time of war. He put all his energies to build this castle with accompanied of senior officials. This castle was completed in three months that was renowned as Roman Castle.

After building this gigantic building, then he marched toward Constantinople with all his experience army and ordered to his cannon-men to fire without pause. He became able to conquer Constantinople in 50 days that had become impossible for previous ones. So when he entered as a emperor he made too many amendments for the betterment of the subject of Constantinople.

The Great Emperor of Constantinople

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