Mother Love is Matchless

Mothers are playing extraordinary role to shape their families and cultures as well. Societies must be thankful to their role which they have played and still committed to do it with full energies. Toddlers cannot imagine of living without their mothers as they have only one hope in the world in the shape of their mothers. Toddlers have their own verbal communication which only is got by Mothers. Mothers even got toddlers requirements just only having their face expressions.

Mothers know very well the position they have for their kids and they put their maximum energies to keep them happy. It does not limit to their initial ages but for whole life. Profound love of Mother cannot be estimated physically, it is beyond from the word arithmetics. So in this context, everybody has special place in his heart corner for his beloved mother.

Talking about mannerism and counseling, it starts from the lap of mother who proves as first schooling desk in childhood. No one can get that place of mother to nourish the toddlers in the same way. It is the only responsibility that is made for Mothers by nature. No one can excel in this matter to teach and counsel the children as mothers do.

Given video is also reflecting light on the affection of Mother’s love which is unique in its essence. When children bring up and start to manage their own lives, they start to remain out of contact with their parents. So in this condition, feelings for mother are stronger than father. So girl in the video is stating about the people who go abroad and miss the mother’s affection.

She is beautifully explaining the feelings of people by singing song for overseas. According to her, children complain that everybody asks him about dollars income but no one asks him about the meal. Even best friends also ask about dollar not for their health. People who work in abroad like Dubai, London, New York and anywhere in the world miss their mothers too much.

According to song, only mothers call them and ask them to have meal and rest for their better health otherwise these sounds remain rare throughout the visit in abroad. So mothers have very significant role and place around the world and no one can negate about mothers contribution in society, culture and civilization. So we all of us must respect and serve our mothers and should remain as kind as they were with us in toddler age.


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