Most mysterious unidentified creatures

Fallen Angel: Uploaded on June 28, 2006, was mysterious video of two men in a Spanish Forest at night near the town of Campdevanol. With no reasoning as to why they were there, or why they were recording, a video was taken with an unexpected guest. While trying to figure it what it was, they were caught off guard when it turned towards them. They ran off and nothing new has been heard of this “Fallen Angel” since.

Montauk Monster: Montauk Monster was an animal carcass that washed up on a beach near Montauk New York in July 2006. After being discovered this mysterious creature by a group of friends looking for a spot to hangout on a beach, it has been said to be a washed up raccoon sea turtle, dog and sheep but none of which have been confirmed.

Thailand Mysterious Creature: this mythical looking creature found in Thailand has been debated about far too much leaving the inability to solve it. The locals in this picture are managing to keep it well preserved for scientist to hopefully solve. The mystery of this creature lives on as it still has not been identified.

Pope Lick Monster: The Pope Lick Monster is a large furry mysterious creature with goat-like legs, wide set eyes and hornes. This creature is also referred to as Goatman, according to story. The beast was originally captured and used in a freak show circus that was destroyed by a train derailment. The Pope Lick Monster was the sole survivor of the train wreck.

Instead of returning to northern wilderness, it made its way to the Pope Lick Trestle and is said to reside there now. The Pope is said to lure people onto the trestle and frighten them causing people to plummet to their death.Tiny Humanoid Mysterious Creature: In October 2002, a family on vacation in the southern Chilean City Concepcion found a small humanoid creature roughly 7.2 centimeters long. According to evidence and interviews gathered by a journalist Rodrigo Ugarte, the bizarre creature was found among bushes by a child.


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