Modi Government with its New Laws

New Delhi: Now Modi Government is going to make its own rules after completing about one year of its reign. They are going to approve those laws which are still pending for nineteen years. The new laws look very awkward in its sense. In the previous government reigns, it never been considered to approve because these laws are extremely fanatic in its nature.

If one has a look on those new laws, it will easily be clear that BJP has been started to enforce its own party laws in the whole country. BJP is considered as fully religion concentrated party in which extremists are the members and it runs on the name of religion. BJP always tries to apply the rules of Hindu religion but it is impossible due to other religions which also exists at large level with the 22% of its population.

New Government President has approved the law about slaughtering the cow and to eat beef. Now after the date of approval, no one is allowed to dare to hurt Sacred Cow in India and it also has become impossible to get the amusement of beef.

There are also two instructions for all government institutions regarding cleaning issues and the other one about perfuming companies. If we talk about the cleaning in government offices, the instructions have been ordered and, in offices, Cow urine will be used for cleaning purpose. One thing that comes in everyone’s mind after listening the instruction that is how narrow minded law makers are.

The second one about the perfumes that are used by every person in daily routine life in every corner of the world. Modi Government claims that their resources have found the technology to remove the fatal elements from the Sacred Cow’s urine. So Sacred Cow’s urine will be used in the perfumes.

So these are the total three points that are going to be implemented by Modi Government. First one about the slaughtering of Cow has been approved and implemented with full force. The remaining two also have been ordered to make it possible for the users. The people of other religions will definitely not agree on this law and it can create some trouble in India.

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