Mobile Company Makes Fun of Religion

There is nobody present in this global world who does not have acquaintance from the word of Mobile. Grammatically speaking the word mobile has its meaning of “Mobility” and “Migratory” and something that has ability to move freely. But now a days, Mobile for the most people is considered as device to receive call and to make calls and nothing else. But, undoubtedly, nobody can forget the services of Mobile device in the rest of world.

Now a days, Mobile phones are at the top position due to its importance as everybody wants to keep online with their beloved ones. So mobile are the only devices which can perform this function very well. So Cellular companies are making varieties of mobile phones and launching in the market for business purposes. To launch the cell phones they used the Ad agencies which make ads to promote the given product according to the requirements.

So there are also many Mobile companies in our country that heirs ad agencies to do this and they does it very well. But now a days, one of mobile company has launched the commercial which is totally against Islam. According to the commercial, the mobile is featuring its mobile with its battery reliability regarding timing point of view.

Our religion allows us to promote the business but in some limits. It does not mean that just for the sake of more income we started to make fool things to promote their product. After having a look on this given ad, you will definitely take the point which I am talking about as it is impossible for me to discuss it open words. There is nothing above than religion and it must be our motto as a Muslim.

We also confess it may also possible that the owner of this mobile company will have no idea for this commercial adj. So he must be activated after seeing it. Nobody is devoid of fault or wrong deeds but it must be admitted after knowing the reality. So we demand from the government that they must take action against this ad and stop it from airing.

So talking about product launching, all cellular companies try to have things in their plans just to attract the general public. In this effort, most of the time, they committed such wrong deeds which they themselves have no idea but after pointing out the fault they must correct themselves.


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