Missile Technology of Pakistan Reports by Indian Media

In this world of technology in which every country wants to be stayed at upper level around the world not only in the business sector but also in the form of defense technology. Every country who has better economic conditions wants to get unassailable defense technology so as they can feel safe from their opponents. Undoubtedly, there are very less countries which have involved in this process but have focused with full potential.

Talking about the defense technology of Pakistan which is going to be considered word’s best technology and its missile technology have left behind all countries including all super powers. Most interestingly, after having a full view over economical conditions of Pakistan, it is felt as miracle to be attained such type of word’s best defense arsenals.

Undeniably, we are not economical safe country, we have to face too many problems every year in the form of flood and shortage of food but we have done this just for our safety from our bitter enemies. Off course, our government should pay its attention on other resolving issues but it seems impossible because there is big reason behind it.

Indian is the worst enemy of Pakistan from the day of independence and it never seems to be ended. It seems a conspiracy against these two generations as all powers do not want to see prosper and flourish sub-continent. Whenever these countries’ leadership tries to sit together to resolve the issues they again stuck due to some reasons and peace process stops.

Now a days, India media is again playing its significant role as British and American Media played after First-World-War and Second-World-War started. Media should consider its role as it is considered a forth pillar of any nation. Now Indian Media is again telling about the missile technology of Pakistan and its capability to its nation in provocative style.

Indian Median is fully criticizing the missile technology of Pakistan and blaming as it is not able to produce it. Indian media should also throw light on its own government acts which they have done in the past in Jammu Kashmir. Indian Media should also point out its own country missile experiment which was done before Pakistan.

Indian Media Started to Manipulate against Pakistani Technology

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