Miraculous Travel beyond Seven Skies

It was the 27th Rajab when Allah decided to meet with his beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and one of Miraculous Travel was made at that time. Undoubtedly, that travel has no match in the rest of the world in which the whole universe was stopped during the time of Miraj of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims have firm belief on that travel without any question.

In the night of 27th Rajab, Allah sent his most prominent Angel named Jibraeel to take his beloved prophet towards seven skied on Buraq (horse having no match in its fast moving). Angel Jibraeel came over the command of Allah and awoke Prophet Muhammad and delivered the message of Allah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got up and had ablution, sat on Buraq and started his miraculous travel toward Allah.

On his travel, Prophet Muhammad first went in Holy Kaaba then moved to Mosque Aqsa. In Mosque Aqsa, Prophet Muhammad leaded to all Prophets and offered prayer in which all other Prophets were the followers of Prophet Muhammad. After getting free from there, Prophet Muhammad moved towards skies and started to pass all seven skies.

When Prophet Muhammad arrived at a point named Sidrat-Ul-Muntaha, Angel Jibraeel said that he could not move further with him. According to him, if he moved he would burn within no time so Prophet Muhammad started to move and complete the whole travel alone. After travelling for some time, Buraq got the destination and stopped to move.

Burqa stopped at the point named “Raf Raf” from where Prophet Muahmmad again started his travel to place renowned as “Qaab a Qausain o Adna”. It is that place where Prophet Muhammad made discussion with Allah. It was that glorious moment which no one prophet could have in his life according to sayings of Quran. Only the Prophet Muhammad has this blessing in the whole universe.

In his travel to seven skies, Prophet Muhammad saw many things that he never saw before. He saw Hell and Heaven with its different levels with different kinds of punishments which were being given to wrong people in hell. Muslims offer prayers frequently in this night and also have fast during daytime. To have fast on 27th Rajab is said to be equivalent to have fast for 70 years.


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