Miraculous event Happens in Medical line

Talking about the patients of medical line who are suffered with comma disease, they are not able to speak, move and do anything else in this disease. They even have no ability to eat to survive themselves and they are nourished artificially. They are totally paralyzed people and cannot move even a single inch from his actual position.

Undoubtedly, we all have observed numbers of cases in medical filed who are related to comma disease in our daily routine life. If anybody ever visited in nearby hospital, he must have watched those patients who are being fought with their comma disease and most of them waiting for their death. Speaking reality, they are all considered on death row.

After having long observations, it comes as a result, there come about less than 10% cases in which these patients survives from this horrible disease of comma state. Off course, chances to get rid from this disease regarding medical point of view are very less but you may have seen those patients who have become the part of that disease but they still alive and healthy.

Here we are going to discuss those 10% cases who get victory from this horrible medical disease and leave astonished to all their caretakers. Yes! We are talking about miraculous of Allah, one person who is hospitalized for long duration with comma disease. He is admitted with this disease for more than a year.

That patient is admitted in hospital of UAE and he got too much attention while having the disease of comma because it was very curious and sounds like miraculous as he started to recite Azaan at the time when he used to recite before becoming the patient of comma disease. He did not move, eat and drink at all but he recites Azaan at right time which is very amazing for whole medical line.

According to eye-witnesses, he recites Azaan right at the time five times a day and never miss. Off course, it is amazing and miraculous of Allah who can do everything around the world, and who has real power to do everything. Many people come on daily basis to see this miracle which not only leave in amazing condition to medical department but also others who are not Muslims.

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