Miracle Happens in London Hospital

One of coma patient in one of London Hospital started to show miracle when he started to recite Azaan in front of his doctors. It was very amazing and more than reality as coma patient started to speak in terms of reciting Azaan. Talking about the coma patient who even cannot speak, drink, eat or do anything else while in his disease, how is it possible to do this.

All patient of coma disease have no ability to eat and they are all nourished through artificial ways. They all are considered paralyzed and have no ability to do anything except to breath. They even cannot move about 1 inch from his real position. They totally become the live dead body during their horrible disease.

Undeniably, many of us have observed numbers of cases of coma disease in which patient are not able to do those things as people do in their daily routine life. While having visits in hospitals, number of cases of coma disease can be seen easily who are fighting with coma disease and most of them lost their live during this fight.

Speaking realistically, they are all considered on the death row but they should be treated very well as our religion teaches us to do this. When one observes the patient of coma disease in the hospital, it comes to know as about 10% cases have potential to recover and the rest of 90% have no ability to recover.

In last days, in one of London Hospital one miracle happens when one patient of coma disease started to recite Azaan which was totally out of sense in medical point of view. It is said that patient of coma disease has been a Muezzin throughout his life and when the time of Azaan comes he started to recite as he used to recite before becoming coma patient.

People and doctors all are very amazed after seeing the condition of coma patient and they are totally shocked. It is also said there is long row of people who want to see this patient in one of London Hospital who has left all his doctors in the state of amaze. Actually it is a miracle of Allah who can do everything regardless any circumstances. Being Non-Muslims they might be astonished but Muslims have belief for this.

When a Coma Patient started to recite Azaan

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