Mindblowing Clip from Italian Movie Leaves Astonished

The given funny clip is taken from one Italian Movie that gets viral after its publishing on social media. In general funny clip are called as prank and these pranks are made just for the amusement. There are number of pranks that are being watched by numbers of people on daily basis. So there are usually very less pranks that get viral and this given prank is one of those.

To create humorous in the movies with full of mirthful activities belongs to genius people. There are very less directors around the world who have ability to give ideas about prank or any funny clips like in this Italian Movie. Those who have the abilities to create funny clip in movies are rated at high nodes and are well renowned in their departments.

In this funny clip of Italian Movie, one man comes from somewhere on bike and passing through wheat fields. That man on bike feels to have accurate time as he does not sure about his own wrist watch. He sees a man from a distant and that biker comes to him and asked him about time. The humorous starts right at that time when that man in wheat filed tells the time to him.

In fact, the way to tell the time was very hilarious and comical for biker. That man in wheat field just gets up and touches the ball of his donkey and tells him the right time. After asking him the time, the man on bike also checks his own time. So he did not ask anything on his hilarious move and goes on his way. But that biker seems very upset and confused after his funny reaction.

After sometimes that man again comes adopting the same route through wheat field and finds that person having same position in wheat field. He did not stop himself to ask him the actual time again. He again gets up and touches the ball of his donkey and tells him the accurate time. The style was totally as same as he did last time.


That biker also matches the time with his own wrist watch and asks him how is it possible to know time by touching the balls of donkey. Then that man unveils the truth and shows him how he is telling him the actual time. Actually right back side of his donkey, there was a large wall clock and he just gave a slight push to the balls of donkey and told him the time. This Italian Movie got viral due to this humorous segment in Italian citizens  and also watched a lot of by the people around the world.


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