Mika Singh Praises Mahira Khan

Amrik Singh was born in 10th June 1977 and now-a-days is known as with the name of Mika Singh not only in his own country but also in New York, Toronto, Sydney, Dubai, Singapore and London. Mika Sing is a big name to sing Punjabi Song and has no competitor in his field. He is the younger brother of Daler Mehndi who is also very renowned singer. Mika Singh started his career in singing sector with his big brother.

Mika Singh loves to have concert in abroad as he wants to give recreation to his lovers who cannot listen him on the stage. As most of time his country people can have easily this amusement without getting extra pain. On his visit in London, the lovers of Mika Singh booked the desired tickets to avoid any trouble. So they did not want to miss the opportunity which came after long time.

Fans of Mika Singh around the world also come from other cities in abroad. As if Mika Singh arranges his concert in Sydney, fans come from Melbourne and other cities of Australia just to listen Mika Singh. In this way, Hotels in Sydney and flights in Sydney also get more income than other days. So is the same case in London, New York, Toronto and anywhere around the world.

By his religion, Mika Singh belongs to Sikh Family and Sikhs have very strong affiliation with Lahore as they have some shrines in Lahore. So Sikh families come here to fulfill their spiritual thirst. Mika Singh also come in Lahore as he has some religion affiliation and also has fan following here at large. He also appreciates the singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mehndi Hassan, Ghulam Ali and many more.

In his trip in Lahore, Mika Singh praises Mahira Khan and says she is a talented and brilliant actress. He also praised her acting in her first film. He even says that she also has very bright future in film industry. Mahira Khan recently signed a film with the name of “Raees” in which she is going to be a heroin of Shah Rukh Khan.

Undoubtedly, Mika Singh is man of parts and his admiration for Mahira khan is too much for her. On the other hand, Mahira Khan also deserves for this kindness from the celebrities of film industry as she has proved herself as a successful actress. So we also have best wishes for Mahira Khan for her first film.

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