Mesmerizing Results of Hydrophobic Coating

When it talks about Hydrophobic Coating it is called as a layer of nanoscopic surface that repels water and it can be made by different material but the most common elements are oxide polystyrene, Zinc oxide polystyrene which is nano-composite, carbon nano-tube structure, precipitated calcium carbonate and Silica nano-caoting.

When it talks about the silica-based coatings it is called the simplest form of using. It has gel-based composition and can easily be used either by dipping method or by aerosol spray. On the other hand, gel-based coatings are not more durable than oxide polystyrene composites, though the method which is used to apply coating is very much involved and costly. Then silica-based gels prove as most economical and viable option.

Talking about industry sector, this super-hydrophobic coating is used during ultra-dry surface applications. So by using this method, this super-hydrophobic coating produces an imperceptibly thin layer air on the top of surface. Super-hydrophobic coating also appears on leaves of plants like Lotus leaf and on inset wings. These coatings are also sprayed onto objects which make those subjects waterproof.

Spray is totally anti-icing and anti-corrosive with cleaning capabilities which are used to guard circuits and girds. Talking about maritime industry, these superhydrophobic coatings have numbers of significant applications in this sector. They use it for yielding skin friction and to increase fuel efficiency. By using these applications, they can increase the speed of their ships and reduce fuel cost.

Applications of superhydrophobic coatings are also used to decrease corrosion and prevent the growing ability of marine organisms on ship’s hull. Their mesmerizing effects are not limited to ship industry but also used in many other industries. It is used in medical field due to its extreme repelling ability and to resist the bacterial organisms in some cases.

So super-hydrophobic coating has much more potential in the field of surgical tools, textiles, medical equipment and substrates and all sorts of surfaces. After having the full view of given footage, it can be analyzed how surprising and wonderful technology is this. By the use of these applications number of problems can be resolved especially in dusting point of view.

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