Medical Treatment seems arduous by Doctors

Here we are going to report the negligence in medical treatment by medical specialist in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. According to some reports, medical officers declared the person as dead when they checked him and asked to his relatives to take him away at home as he was no more.

In previous days, there were massive casualties reported in one horrible incident in Peshawar and the said person was also one of them. He was also the victim of that incident and when he was taken in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar he was declared as dead which was not in reality.

The survivors of the patient took him at home and got busy for funereal ceremony. It was an amazing and incredible incident for the people who were present there. They were all shocked when they listened some voices from the box of dead man. Actually he was alive and crying for help.

Relatives and survivors again took him out from the box and rushed towards hospital but this time, they had been late too much. Doctors tried took him back and also tried to give proper medical treatment. They injected some injections but this time medical treatment got failed and he was no more.

The family members and the relatives started to protest against the negligence of the whole medical unit and doctors. According to them they did not see their patient properly and declared him as dead. In fact he was alive and could be alive if they gave him proper medical treatment but they do not.

The whole incident became viral on social media and multimedia as well. Everybody is demanding to give punishment to responsible. To give proper medical treatment to patients is the basic duty of doctors and the whole medical unit which did not seem in this whole event.

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