Medical officers alleged for carelessness

Here we are going to report the carelessness in restorative treatment by medicinal pro in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. As per a few reports, therapeutic officers pronounced the individual as dead when they checked him and asked to his relatives to take him away at home as he was no more.

In earlier days, there were huge losses reported in one unpleasant episode in Peshawar and the said individual was likewise one of them. He was additionally the casualty of that occurrence and when he was taken in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar he was pronounced as dead which was not truly.

The survivors of the patient took him at home and got occupied for gloomy function. It was an astonishing and unimaginable episode for the general population who were available there. They were all stunned when they listened a few voices from the container of dead man. Really he was alive and weeping for help.

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Relatives and survivors again took him out from the case and surged towards doctor’s facility yet this time, they had been late excessively. Specialists attempted took him back furthermore attempted to give appropriate medicinal treatment. They infused a few infusions however this time therapeutic treatment got fizzled and he was no more.

The relatives and the relatives began to dissent against the carelessness of the entire medicinal unit and specialists. As indicated by them they didn’t see their patient legitimately and proclaimed him as dead. Actually he was alive and could be alive on the off chance that they gave him legitimate therapeutic treatment however they don’t.The entire episode got to be viral on online networking and sight and sound also. Everyone is requesting to offer discipline to mindful. To give legitimate restorative treatment to patients is the essential obligation of specialists and the entire therapeutic unit which did not appear in this entire occasion.

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