Media Encircles Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt

Now a days, it has become a difficult task to get rid from media for celebrities in every corner of the world. Media always remains after them and want to know about their daily routine life. It will not be more to say as media wants to know even celebrities personal life just for the sake to make breaking news. This pathetic situation is not limited to any single country but it has become trend around the world.

Followers usually follow them when they see their celebrities in the commercials as if one celebrity have commercial of jewellery sets, diamond rings or special makeup kits. The followers are also started to use those jewllery sets, makeup kits and diamond ring. That’s why big companies hire as celebrities have number of followers to follow them. In this way, companies get great increase in their products as people start to wear those special brands of diamond rings, jewllery sets and make kits.

Taking about the activities of media, the super star of Hollywood also get tired after facing the routine work of media teams to whom they have to give some answers each day to fill their jobs. This aggressive style of media has actually started from Hollywood as those celebrities want to remain inside of their followers talks and in their minds.

Actually media and the celebrities cannot live without each. Yes, you can say that they are necessary for each other. Firstly, celebrities need to get fame and media does not have time but after getting desired life style celebrities then started to avoid media. So it is the circle which is on its way from the day first and they also did not want to change it.

Fawad Khan is the new name which is going to get his desires in one of his neighbor country and in a short span of time; he has proved himself as a superb actor. Now upon his acting performance, he is going to be a big celebrity and often remains in headlines of media. In recent days, Fawad Khan denied to become a part of any unethical scene with Alia Bhatt.

Undoubtedly, it is very common thing which happened most of the time. So the media took it as breaking news and started to rotate the story around Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt as Alia Bhatt has failed to fulfill her wish. In reality, it has no worth but like this way, both actors will get more fame in the market. It may also the advertisement stunt for their coming movie.

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