Marriages with Animals in the World

Marriages with Animals, undoubtedly, create some problems in society but it happens, off and on, around the world. As human being is responsible for his doings so nobody can stop anyone to do these irrational and nonsensical doings. To marry with animals is mostly occurred in European countries as they are free to do anything. But these practices also have their deep roots in Sub-Continent like in India.

Given video is testimony of above saying as everyone can see in video how one young girl is being forced to have marriage ceremony with dog. On her interview to a private channel, she clearly explains as she has not happy feelings in herself about her wedding with dog. She tells the reason why she is becoming the part of this whole ceremony as if she does not want to marry with dog.

She unveils the story that her villagers tell her about her wedding ceremony. She explains the whole narrative or belief of her villagers. According to her villagers, she has some evil spell on her and to remove that it has become necessary to her to marry with dog. So that after getting married, the evil spell will transferred on dog and she will be free.

She further tells after having all this procedure she will be able to have long life husband in near future. According to her, she is not the only one who is going to be part of this practice; many other girls of her village have faced this situation for her better future. So after performing this ritual ceremony they are happy with their families and spending happy lives.

On the other hand, marriages with animals never take as ritual ceremony but may be for some other reasons in countries. One female citizen of UK got married with her two tabbies for the sake of being happy. One fashion designer, a citizen of Germany, got married with his cat in 2013.  One British female decided to have her life partner to male dolphin.

There also some other examples of marriages with animals like man married with cow in 2010 as a punishment for having extramarital relations with that cow. In India one female who started to love with her snake and never thought to be separated from snake. So she married with snake and it was welcomed by traditional Hindus. There were 2000 gusts in this marriage ceremony.


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