Marlon Samuels and Shane Warne Famous Fight

Marlon Samuels battled with Australia’s leg turn bowler in the Big Bash class. The battle began with each other when the West Indian batsman attempted to square one of Shane Warne’s colleagues to keep running for the second run. He may have done it funnily yet the skipper of that group Shane Warne began mishandling the batsman.

Marlon Samuels has been considered as one of the extremely quiet player in the West Indies group since he was never seen getting befuddled or demonstrating any feeling of bitterness, annoyance or joy. The main occurrence that demonstrated his character in a negative was the point at which he and Shane Warne were included in a battle amid a match.

That match was being played in Big Bash League was going truly well until some resentment of Shane Warne did not give the batsman a chance to keep playing his typical cricket. The episode was pumped when the batsman of West Indies cricket group was rocking the bowling alley and ceased the batsman from making the second run.

Marlon Samuels did not do it purposefully rather it simply happened suddenly. Then again the leg spinner of Australia additionally escaped with the feelings. These sorts of rate have been going on in such cricket associations however no one had gone so far as those two players one from Australia and the other one shape West Indies gone.

Marlon Samuels seemed to be calm individual and he demonstrated in that match until both the players began to call terrible names to each other. The battle was halted by all the end players and the umpires. The video of that occurrence in the Big Bash League was likewise recorded by the camera that was set directly over the head protector and the top of the umpire.


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