Man is punished by Iran Government

Indicted man got treatment by the Iran Government at general society place got the consideration of such a variety of individuals on the planet. A portion of the Non Muslims had couldn’t help contradicting the treatment and requested that not do that. The man was seen drinking and was then gotten in spite of the truth that it was restricted to drink and anybody found doing it would be managed.

Iran Government and the Saudi Government have been offering medicines to crooks with the goal that they could diminish and delete that ailment of terrible acts that have been limited by the religion. Regardless of the usage of such disciplines, a portion of the general population did not quit doing that so they got captured and afterward got 80 lashes from the general population.

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People were also gathered there to see the culprit who has gone against the law of Iran Government. According to reports, people have been so much observed and they never do those things which are not allowed by their government. He was also taken in the big square of the Iran’s biggest city and people were also gathered there.

It is also necessary to find out as the culprit is physically fit to get lashes. If they did not find him physically fit they did not punish to culprit until unless they did not find him ready to receive his punishment.

Some people were cursing to government but many were very happy over this government step. according to them, it was the real way to get rid from bad habits otherwise people were started to become habitual of such things which are prohibited in our religion.

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