Man Breaks Security System of Shopping Mall

This world is full of numbers of shopping mall around the world that are also called as shopping centers. People are usually come in these shopping malls to have their desired things of daily use. They use these big shopping hubs because in these shopping centers they have everything which they want to get without any difficulty.

The trend of these shopping centers started from the Europe and American where people used to come to get their desired things for a month as they had not enough time to come in bazaar on daily basis. So governments of those countries decided to make big shopping mall so that people could have everything which they had to collect from different shops.

These shopping centers are spread at large level and covered too much area. As those shopping malls are usually found very bigger than any other shops, so the managers of these shopping malls have to arrange very tight security system for the safety of things which are placed inside these shopping centers. These steps are taken to safe things from wrong people.

Security system is fixed in these big centers to avoid any bad incidents as wrong people come in those big shopping centers and try to steal the things. It also seems easy for the wrong persons because these malls are very big and it seems impossible to have eye on the whole malls at the same time. So the wrong people take advantages of these situations and try to steal sometimes.

The given footage is reflecting the same situation as described above as one man who wants to steal things but the security system in shopping mall does not allow him to do it but he seems very clever and does not quit. Then he uses another way to get success in his unethical mission and he also gets succeeded.

He uses very clever way to steal and started to put tagged things in the pockets and purses of the people. When those people cross the pole the security system start to alarm as that man has something which is not cleared. In this way, when many people in the shopping mall had tagged things in their pockets or purses, the whole security system started to alarm. Then management let them all people go considering as there is something wrong with security system.

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