Mahira Khan Gets Appreciation from Mika Singh

Mika Singh is a name of singing especially in Punjabi Songs not only in his own country but also around the world like London, Dubai, New York, Sydney, Toronto and Singapore. Mika Singh has a big fan following and everybody who listen the song know him very well. He started his singing career with his older brother named Daler Mehndi. Daler Mehndi also has his own recognition in the singing sector.

Mika Singh always remains in this effort to have concert abroad just to give amusement to his fans. His fans love him too much as he announces his concert, people are started to book their tickets before time. On his visit in London last year, fans of Mika Singh who lived other cities of United Kingdom planned their work according to the concert and came in London to have the concert.

In this way, local market gets boom as in his last visit, people used hotels in London and also used flights of London to come in London to have his concert. It does not happen only in London same is the case with Toronto, Sydney, New York, Singapore and Dubai. Mika’s fans love to have him in front of them on stage. These concerts events establishes in a year for 2-3 times so people did not want to miss it.

Mika Singh came in Lahore for three-day visit where during his press conference; he praises different aspects of Pakistani media. He says during his speech he loves to see the film “Maula Jatt”. He also praises the film actor Shan and says that he is wonderful and superb in his acting. He also sings the song of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

In his speech, he also praises very renowned actress named Mahira Khan. Mahira Khan who is busy in her first film suiting named “Raees” with Shah Rukh Khan. He says she is talented one in her acting as she has proved herself in her drams. He sends her his best wishes and also has wonderful thinking as she will get wonderful start from her first film.

Mika Singh has his roots in Sigh Family as well as Sikhs tribe have their religion roots in Pakistan. There are number of Sikh Shrines not only in Lahore but also in many other cities. They come here for their spiritual contentment. Mika Sing also wishes to go at the shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah in his speech. He also wants to have the opportunity of stage drama.

Mahira Khan Gets Appreciation from Mika Singh

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