Love Marriage Must be allowed in all Societies

Love Marriage has been a riddle in our society as our elders always create problems in this subject. Even many disputes are created due to this reason among relatives and close ones. Elders go against this act of their youngsters as they take Love Marriage as a symbol of disrespect. Due to this factor, many couples decide to have their marriage ceremonies without informing their parents.

This problem only belongs to Sub-Continent in which there are some vogues that do not let them to change their previous ideas. Elders of Sub-Continent have their own thinking about the marriage ceremonies of their youngsters as they want to do the same as they have seen in their old times. They have some reservations on Love Marriages.

According to them, it is too much necessary to know about both families of couple and their status in society but, on the other hand, youngsters insist only on the mutual understanding of couple. After having some analysis on Love Marriage, there are very less marriages which prove successful but the marriages in which elders are agree prove successful which are called arranged marriages.

Now a days, marriage offices also have been opened who provide required families to the people for marriage ceremony as they want. These marriage offices only work in urban areas because in rural areas people still believe on their special sources and use them. Talking about Love marriage, our religion allows us to marry with those ones whom we like.

One problem that always has to face the youngsters is about the caste system, in our society our elders force on this issue as the both families must belong to the same caste. So this caste system often becomes the main reason to stop love marriage. But our religion does not stop to those who belong to different caste to marry. To get marry both candidate must belong to Muslims family.

One renowned scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel is explaining about the Love Marriage in which he is giving the example of our respected religious personalities. He explained how Hazrat Ali goes to Prophet Muahmmad and asked him about his daughter Hazrat Fatime to marry. So Prophet Muhammad did not give final decision without asking from her daughter. So here is another message as we should ask from our children especially from daughters when we are going to marry them.

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