Love Marriage is not a Curse

Love marriage has been very common in these days not only in western countries but also in Asian countries. In countries of Sub-Continent, there was no space for these marriages due to some old vogues which could not be diminished by the elders. About 15-20 years ago, love marriage was considered like a big sin which had no forgiveness.

Actually elders of Sub-Continent think that their youngsters are not capable of to choose their life partner for their lives. According to them, family background does matter in the marriage ceremonies. Caste system has its firm roots in Sub-Continent which also plays very important role to negate love marriages.

Elders of the families want that caste of both members must be same for marriages but youngsters do not care of it and call it as an old tradition. So this is the big reason there are number of love marriages that are completed without parents of couples. There is no doubt as love marriage is not a sin but it has more fun when parents of couples join the marriage ceremony.

Now a days, there are many marriage offices have been opened to minimize the tension of the elders and they try to provide those required people for marriage ceremony as they want. Caste and the family status is told to them and they find as same as people want for their beloved children. But this marriage offices system only exists in urban areas not in rural areas.

Talking about love marriage, our religion also gives permission to marry to those whom you like the most. There is no restriction of caste system in our religion. If the couples are belonged to Muslims family then both can have their marriage ceremony without any problem. Even if the one Muslim boy likes the female of another religion like Christian, Jew or any religion which belong to celestial religion that male can have marriage with that girl.

In the given video, Maulan Tariq Jameel is explaining in very superb way and telling how Prophet Muhammad asked from Hazrat Fatima when Hazrat Ali asked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to marry with his daughter. Here is one message for our Muslim nation as we must confirm from our children when we are going to marry them. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) first asked from his daughter then replied to Hazrat Ali for marriage.

wonderful explanation about love marriage in Islam

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