Legend Boxer Muhammad Ali of USA

Muhammad Ali was born on 17th of January in 1942 in Louisville, the city of USA. He was not Muslim by birth he converted to Islam later in 1964. He has been renowned boxer of American Nation and considers as greatest sporting figure of his era. He was called before accepting religion Islam with the name of Cassius Clay Jr. When he was jumped in the field of Boxing he was just at the age of 12.

He was keen of boxing and started to have training and participating in many boxing matches at local levels. He got Olympic Gold title and also renowned as a first fighter who has had the heavyweight title three-time. He is also one of great boxer who has won 56 fights at the age of 21 during his professional career. The government of USA also banned him due to his outspokenness on different sensitive issues.

On speaking violently on the issues of race, politics and religion, he became controversial personality in his prime career. He also refused to work in military of USA while citing his religious point of view. He also remained banned to take part in boxing matches for three consecutive years. After passing the banned life of his professional career, he again came in the ring with the same passion and started to break the records.

When he passed his graduation he moved to Rome to take part in Summer Olympics and also won that light heavyweight title. Muhammad Ali also won his debut match in October 1960 with six rounds. Muhammad Ali solidified his presence in the field of boxing by winning the rematch with Liston in heavyweight championship. He has been got the reward to defend his heavyweight title for eight times.

After having fight with Trevor Berbick on December 11, 1981, this great personality announced to retire from boxing ring after providing amusement to their lover for 39 years. He won 56 ring matches by holding a record with only 5 losses. He made 37 knockouts in his professional career making it memorable.

After the professional career, the great boxer of USA was diagnosed by Parkinson’s disease that severely attacked and impaired motor functions and speech skills. So this lethal disease could not damage his plans as he continued to work for humanitarian sector. He also met Saddam Hussain for his country’s hostages. He also went in Afghanistan as Peace Messenger from United Nations.

The Great Muhammad Ali of Louisville City

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