JF-17 Thunder Astonishes in Paris Air Show

Paris: In the 51st official opening ceremony, JF-17 Thunder astonishes whole huge crowd through its unbelievable curving movements in air in Paris Air Show at Le Bourget. Spectators enjoyed its sound and movements like never see before and praised a lot while showing amazing aerial performance. People were unable to ignore its performance when it was in air and grabbing the attention of people who were there to see something extraordinary.

This JF-17 Thunder aircraft is the production two institutions of two different countries named PAF and AVIC. These two institutions have put their full energy to produce it with new required angles of technology as it can have muscle climb, slow speed performance and inverted flight with thunder turns. Engineers of both sides have put their maximum efforts to make it of world’s class level.

Wing Commander Usman is the man who got the occasion to fly it in Paris Air Show and applauded a lot from the spectators. It was overwhelming when he landed it amidst the huge crowd after showing thunderous performance. Usman, pilot of the Thunder aircraft, left astonished to all his spectators spellbound and amazed through his performance.

In addition, setting aside the performance of JF-17 Thunder, it also has been successful to get the attention of international buyers who purchase wonderful aircraft like JF-17. This extraordinary performance of JF-17 Thunder not only grab the attention of spectator but also forced to turn over towards JF-17 only due to amazing performance showed during Paris Air Show.

After completing the Paris Air Show a joint conference was also held by AVIC and PAF in which the president of AVIC shared with media the amazing experience of JF-17 Thunder aircraft which they have already showed in Dubai Air Show, Farnborough Air Show and in Zhuhai Air Show in China.

According to him, it was another joint performance by PAF and AVIC to further cultivate the international market in trading point of view. Currently, they are very happy after seeing very wonderful response from international buyers who come there only to choose desired aircrafts. As JF-17 Thunder is featured with third generation technology which is considered as a backbone of air force sector now a days.

Wonderful performance by JF-17 Thunder aircraft

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