Israeli soldiers are violating human rights openly

Israeli officers act up with Palestinian females when they run over on their way. In some cases, they even cross the cutoff points and battle is begun with them by their men. As indicated by reports, it didn’t happen frequently yet when they felt as female has something to her then they don’t give them a chance to pass. More often than not, they even got into mischief and hurt to Palestinian females when they had a few questions about spy activities.

Around three months back, some Israeli warriors likewise killed to female close to petrol pump when she was originating from some place. They approached her for seeking. She denied as she was female and approached them to call their females for looking. They denied for this then she likewise denied for letting them to search her.

Over this answer, Israeli officer did not see anything and shot her dead at the spot. As indicated by them, she had something terrible in her pocket because of which they could be fell. After her demise, when they sought her altogether they couldn’t discover anything even a needle from her. Individuals pounded to Israeli fighters on this activity.

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There are additionally numerous different occasions in which they took away females from their homes and put them behind the bar. They even don’t advise to their folks as where they have taken them. Amusingly, the entire world has gotten to be onlookers in this matter and has no challenge to punish to Israeli. They all are raising by their cash and not ready to question them.

Palestinians are separated from everyone else as of now and battling their war all alone. They even did not have any trust over Muslim Ummah as they all are battling with each other shockingly. Presently it is an ideal opportunity to be joined against non-Muslim who are in charge of obliteration of Muslim nations.

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