Israeli Forces entered in Mosque Al-Aqsa

Few days back, numbers of Palestinians got humiliated by Israeli Forces while they were busy to offer prayers. They were worshipping with calm and tranquility when they were interrupted by Israeli army. They started to beat without having the difference of male and female and made an example of brutality.

They not only beat the Muslims in Mosque but also used the some teasing gas called as tear gas to disperse the whole community in the Mosque Al Aqsa. They all did this to make possible the entry of their own community in Al Aqsa Mosque. For this purpose they did everything which they could at that time.

In the result of this interruption of Israeli troops, numbers of Palestinians got injured in this incident and many of them were behind the bars by troops. Palestinians are facing the same condition from years back and could not solve the problem till now.

According to some reporters, the whole forces were entered by using the rear gate of the Al Aqsa Mosque and started to pull back the whole females. They were busy in offering prayers and in some other worshipping. They also used rubber and steel bullets to disperse the whole congregation.

The big problem arose when they started to humiliate the females who were in the mosque. The Palestinians’ youngsters were started to throw stones on them just for the sake to keep them away from females. Troops did not care even the old age women and humiliated all of them badly.

The whole tension is arising from some days back when they started to build the wall. Numbers of innocent Palestinians have lost their lives in this scenario and go one. Palestinian President also requested again to all Muslim countries to take measures against Israel but seems in vein.

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