ISI is being Praised by Indian RAW Agent

The Inter-Service Intelligence ISI is the best intelligence service in Pakistan, responsible for national security and intelligence assessment to the Pakistan Government. Pakistan currently has three major intelligence services, the Inter-Service Intelligence, Intelligence Bureau (IB) in Pakistan but Inter-Service Intelligence is best among its rivals and it has proved it so many time in past.

The ISI was established in 1948 as an independent intelligence service in order to secure the sharing of military intelligence among all branches of Pakistan forces. From the first day of its inception, ISI has done great work for Pakistan. It’s helping Pakistan to achieve strategic goals in the world. The agency is largest intelligence agency in the world in terms of number of staff.

While no one actually know the number of staff because it has never been made public. The ISI headquarters are in Islamabad. It is not easy to discover the location of headquarters in Islamabad. Members of armed forces and civilian both can join the secret agency, recruitment is advertised in newspapers and websites and the agents are considered employees of the Ministry of Defense.

ISI has very strong internal structure; it knows how to handle its employees. It will be a very rare case if anyone could deceive ISI. ISI has deep roots in Pakistan it is almost impossible to transfer any important information without its knowledge.

People have firm believe on it as ISI is working for the better and secure future of Pakistan. ISI also helps Pakistani armed forces in the proxy war against the enemies of Pakistan. The secret agency is providing important information to Pakistani forces to achieve their targets against terrorists. ISI the world’s best intelligence service has lowest budget among its rivals and we all know how good it is working.

One of its examples is given in video clip in which one Indian Agent is admitting the superiority of ISI especially in the field of proxy war. He is also indicating about the Americans as they can easily be made fool by ISI. It is very irresponsible statement given by Indian Agent but his mental condition is showing how he has been frightened by ISI and has no doubt to admit its top position even after being a Indian.

Indian RAW agent is admitting the superiority of ISI

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