ISI Gets Praising by Foreigner and Condemned by own Citizen

New York: The most competent intelligence Agency of the United States of America is called as CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) that is performing its marvelous services from 1947. It is the top intelligence agency in America regarding its resources and lead to others in America. It is also common perception about the intelligence agencies as these agencies do their duties with somewhat supernatural power.

Given clip has enough information to give initial perception of intelligence agencies to a common person. In that clip, one former CIA officer named Michael Scheuer is talking about the specific roles of the spy agencies. As he tells about the roles of agencies, no one agency that exits in the world, cannot dare to go against their government and its interests. All spy agencies are stick with the interests of its own country.

In the next step in his speech, he dares to speak against his spy agencies as he said that they did not do very well job in Afghanistan. He does not have any regret to praise ISI and criticizes on those people and institutions who blame ISI for its work. He prolonged his argue by saying this that most of the foreigner agencies and some Pakistanis also have wrong perception about the ISI that is completely senseless.

Mr. Michael Scheuer in New York was giving interview to a private channel, He says he has no doubt after to have work with ISI; they are excellent to conduct their work in most decent ways. He was speaking with dare as he had shared his time for two decades with ISI. He rated ISI on the top position on this globe.

Michael Scheuer also did comparison between CIA and ISI and accepted it without having lame excuses as ISI did very well during the real trial of it in Afghanistan. He also mentioned and praised its measured working style and it still did not involve itself as in that way as New York wanted. He also confessed about the geographical reality as Pakistan will have to live here and had no other option to work very precisely. So Mr. Scheuer did not have any complaint on Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan war.

While giving interview in New York, Michael Scheuer admits the failure of America as it could not maintain the normal situations inside Afghanistan regarding security point of view. He also blasts with grief about American’s impatient as he reminds that our nation have been started to scream after having 160 casualties after a year. If we see on the other hand regarding our enemy’s position they have to receive more than hundreds casualties in a week but they did not lose their feet and ready for further sacrifices.

On the other hand, given footage is also about ISI in which one Pakistani anchor is talking about world’s best intelligence agency and giving negative remarks about it. According to him, this world’s best intelligence did not work while remaining in code of conduct. So how shamefully is it as the whole world is praising our intelligence agency and our own countrymen are talking about against his own country’s intelligence agency.

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