ISI Gets Appreciation in New York

New York: Michael Scheuer has been the part of CIA who has also covered Afghanistan war in which he has got the chance to work with ISI. He has experience to work with ISI for twenty years. In his interview he clearly depicts about the crucial duties of any intelligence organization in the rest of the world. He applauds the working style of Pakistani spy agency and praises a lot to this organization on its extraordinary achievements with limited resources.

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is an American based spy agency that is considered to be the most powerful and influential agency not only in America but in the rest of the world. It was came into begin on September 1947. There are two cities of USA named Virginia and Langley where the headquarters of CIA are performing its duties. These cities are just few miles away from USA capital, Washington DC.

According to Michael Scheuer, all intelligence agencies have taken oath to serve their countries by all means. They are considered to be very loyal to their soil more than their own lives. Intelligence Agencies have only one task that is to save their country and countrymen from any outside force or from inside invaders.

In his interview in New York, he condemns to all rubbish and bizarre allegations on ISI. He clears to the world about ISI by saying this that ISI is as working as other intelligence agencies are performing their duties. He clearly unveil the truth that ISI may have less resource to run their organization but not more than any other well-developed country’s organization.

He further explains that ISI works with decent ways within limited resources and never give in in any task in rest of its working tenure. He acknowledges that they have amazing abilities to consume their time and energies at right time in right directions as others most probably have not. He could not stop himself to put salute to ISI on its measured role during Afghan war.

In the last part in his interview in New York City, he also desperately talks about his own country people and soldiers. He gives very negative remarks about his nation and says that we are going to lost manly features in ourselves. He gives example with his sayings that our nation crumbles whey they got 160 dead bodies of their sons but our enemies are ready to give more lives even after they are losing their men in hundreds in a week.

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