Irresponsibility reports of Medical Officers

One incident of irresponsibility of Medical officers reported in Peshawar when victims of horrible accident arrived in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. According to reporters, one of the victims was announced as a dead man by the medical officers in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar.

Undoubtedly, there were many casualties in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar after the happening of horrible incident. But, it does not mean to ignore the patients as recklessly as the doctors and the whole medical department did in Peshawar Hospital.

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Medical field is taken as remedy for everything after the prayers to God and doctors do off course everything to save the patients. But, when it talks about the incident of Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar it turns into hopelessness which is not good for the people and the medical department itself.

According to media reporting, the medical officers asked to the care takers of that dead body to take out from the hospital as he was no more. But, when they took him at home for funereal ceremony, the dead body started to move which was somewhat unbelievable.

People again took him to hospital for his treatment but it was too late to save him. Doctors again gave him some injections and tried to save but they could not. The parents and relatives of that dead body were protesting over ruthless behavior of medical officers and the whole medical department. They were complaining to the government officials and medical leading officials.

Doctors and the medical department should take reasonable steps against this incident which is totally the sign ignorant. The senior medical officers should punish to those doctors and medical officials who are responsible for this serious recklessness. Otherwise, the trust over medical line would may destroy sooner or later.

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