Irresponsibility reports about Medical Officers

One occurrence of flippancy of Medical officers reported in Peshawar when casualties of repulsive mishap landed in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. As per correspondents, one of the casualties was declared as a dead man by the restorative officers in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar.

Without a doubt, there were numerous setbacks in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar after the occurrence of ghastly episode. Yet, it doesn’t intend to disregard the patients as heedlessly as the specialists and the entire medicinal office did in Peshawar Hospital.

Restorative field is taken as solution for everything after the supplications to God and specialists do off base everything to spare the patients. In any case, when it discusses the episode of Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar it transforms into misery which is bad for the general population and the restorative division itself.

As per media reporting, the medicinal officers solicited to the overseers from that dead body to take out from the clinic as he was no more. Be that as it may, when they took him at home for gloomy service, the dead body began to move which was to some degree staggering.

Individuals again took him to healing facility for his treatment yet it was past the point where it is possible to spare him. Specialists again gave him a few infusions and attempted to spare yet they proved unable. The guardians and relatives of that dead body were dissenting over savage conduct of therapeutic officers and the entire medicinal division. They were whining to the administration authorities and therapeutic driving authorities.Specialists and the therapeutic office ought to step against this episode which is absolutely the sign insensible. The senior restorative officers ought to rebuff to those specialists and medicinal authorities who are in charge of this genuine rashness. Something else, the trust over medicinal line would may decimate at some point or another.


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