Iran government put to sentence to culprit

Iran Government treated the sentenced man before such a variety of individuals for his demonstration of drinking. The man was caught in the act and as indicated by Islam he was to experience the technique of 80 lashes. He was taken in an open field so others could get a lesson of the treatment. The video was shot by the general population remaining there and watching it happening.

Iran Government has been doing such acts with the goal that individuals ought not submit sins that have been told by the Almighty. The Government has been buckling down for the execution of the Islamic tenets. The execution of Islamic standards were the primary concern. A portion of the Non Muslims have been contending about such act yet it has been told by the Almighty.

According to some people it was necessary to stop all those ones who have been addicted of these habits. They were also told to all people by many other ways by the government departments but they did not put ears on all those advises.

However, they did not stop for begging on what they have done in their lives but decision has bee done and they had to get their sentence at any cast. He was sentenced with 80 lashes on his back which was really not easy to receive. He was admitted in the hospital after getting sentence for many days.

Anyhow, he was also considered among those who never heard to anyone when his elders asked him to stop all this. He always said to all his advisers there would be nothing happen to him. He was too much confident over his relations in the government but nobody came near to him during sentenced.


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