India’s Positive Move and Japan Assertiveness

Here we are going to discuss the India’s positive move in the region and Japan’s assertiveness on different issues. It is said that the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has his personal liking for Narendra Modi. In this regard, Shinzo Abe also sent welcome and congratulations note to Mr. Narendra Modi with the gesture of having work with him at large level. Setting aside all personal liking, India itself has the ability to forge relations at multifarious levels with Japan. India must accept the challenge to tackle the current momentum with same pace and need to give the shape of strong bond to its relation with Japan.

Here is another notable aspect regarding Japan and China relation in which India need to be kept cautious in its relations having a neutral attitude toward both countries. Both countries have some chronic rivalries due to which India needs to have a proper framework for getting advantages from these two countries. Undoubtedly, Indian government is going to face a very difficult task in this matter.

On the other hand, Japan is still insisted in its assertiveness and has made an agreement with North Korea setting aside all reservations from all around the world. In this way, Japanese has taken his first step to get out from this era of isolation in regional politics. So having the same pace of aggressiveness, Japan does not want to understand the uneasiness of the rest of the world with North Korea that is created by North Korea’s nuclear programs activation. This non-serious attitude of Japan will definitely create the reason to put off the sanctions that are imposed by the rest of the World on North Korea’s nuclear program.

Another noticeable aspect about Shinzo Abe is his belligerent attitude that is not acceptable by both countries “China and South Korea”. If Japan continues to move towards North Korea with the same pace then it can create the more distance with both South Korea and China. So in this regard, it would be great challenge for India to have relations with all of three countries Japan, China and South Korea. Because all of these countries Heads have the best wishes for India and want to have enjoyable relations with it. So India does not need to lean too much towards Japan as it would definitely did not leave a healthful gesture towards China and South Korea.

After discussing the foreign policies of South Korea, China, Japan and North Korea, it would rather beneficial for India to avoid any bi or tri-lateral policies. India needs to devise the policy which would deal all the regional countries equally without having any prejudice.

India should play a positive role towards North Korea’s nuclear system to denuclearize it. By playing such types of role in the region, India will get definite position and will move upward smoothly.

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