India’s Intention to Work with Japan

Having the objective to make his country more developed in subcontinent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has clear intentions to work with Japan by making his first official visit in Japan. The main purpose of this visit is to continue the ongoing partnership at top level making it more progressive in the region. The most remarkable thing is that Shinzo Abe has made an extra ordinary response towards Modi. The visit made by Modi to Japan just to show its importance in East Asia and to have the intention to work together with Japan to compete China in this region. Undoubtedly China is going to be the world fastest growing economy country in coming year 2015.

Modi’s visit in Japan might be brought happiness for Shinzo Abe as he is also looking for such a powerful partner in region to compete with China and South Korea. Modi himself is very brave and aggressive personality who may mesmerize Japan’s leadership to work together. Both leaders also have another reason to work together as they have the same problem with China. Japan is very possessive about its assertive behavior in the region which is going to be challenged by China and South Korea. Furthermore, Abe also has rejected the international pressure to leave North Korea alone in the region.

To have a look over the present political temperature in East Asia, India must have taken very wise steps before embarking any vision in Asia. India must start its foreign policy in cautionary manner in East Asia by avoiding itself being a part of any group in East Asia. It is too much necessary for India to create resources to eliminate poverty, to meet energy crises and to develop the infrastructure at the best level with the help of these developed countries. So India will understand its position and definitely behave as wise man in all disputed matters in the region among big powers.

Now a days, India is getting more possessive about its position and is very concerned about China’s assertiveness in the region. India is regularly sharing its ideas with Japan for getting hold in the region. Furthermore, Japan and India must not take military steps to degrade China that will definitely be proved fatal for both allies and for the region as well. They both have only the way of diplomatic and economic means to deterrent China about its assertiveness.

Now it is all about Modi’s statesmanship that at what level his visit can have impact over Japan’s establishment regarding to create the balance in the region. Modi also wants to develop relations with South Korea and China but at the level of par.

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