Indian Politician faces fate in Press confrence

New Delhi: One of Indian Politician again used full of animosity language and he has no guilty while saying this about the Pakistani Nation that it does not matter if some million people dies. He also talks about the expected intervention of China, so she must be stopped in this matter.  He also throws light on the most burning issue of Kashmir in the Sub-Continent and insists of war instead of dialogue.

On the other hand, if we analyze the behavior of sitting Prime Minister towards Pakistan, one can never judge even the smell of above said behavior. So many times, other Indian Politicians including Narendra Modi have cherished to have amicable relations with Pakistan. Both sitting Prime Ministers of Pakistan and India also send gifts on different occasions of happiness.

But, this Indian Politician has broken all records of enmity and did not care of any bilateral developing relations between nations for peace and prosperity. It seems that he was deputed for all this from those hidden powers who did not want peace in both countries. So it must be interrogated by the Indian government who is trying to break the negotiation process between two old rivals.

One thing that is disturbing to everyone that this Indian Politician belongs to BJP, the member of sitting government. So it is alarming because on one side they are ready to shake hands, on the other hand, its party member are speaking violently against Pakistan Sovereignty. So Pakistani Government must take steps against this violent speech and should ask from Modi Government for the sake of good relations.

Haroon Rashid, senior and respected analyst, who speaks on this matter and shows great grief on his irrational speech. He also mentions that there are “some” politicians exist even in intellectuals who are always remain in the state of slumbering although they must not show immaturity but they show. They even know the ground realities of both countries but they do not want to admit it.According to Haroon Rashid, the above said Indian Politician and some others always do their jobs by giving hatred speeches against Pakistan. But the reality is entirely changed. It is not the Pakistan of 1947 and we are far superior to India in war technology in every aspect. So Haroon Rashid says that they must not tell a lie to their nation while talking in this style.

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