Indian Police Officer Praises Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

No one can deny the mesmerizing personality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the whole world. He is considered only Personality in the rest of the world who did not get education from any teacher. But he is being remembered as a Great Teacher in the rest of the world. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is unique in his character, no one can challenge to his humanity characteristics till the last day of this world. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is unprecedented, unparalleled and extraordinary in his qualities and will be to the end of this world.

One Indian police officer is admiring of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and sharing some unique incidents with his audience which are mostly relevant to ethics. Firstly, he is talking about one incident of battle in which Prophet Muhammad advised to his comrades not to waste useful trees and grain fields. According to police office, in the age of Prophet Muhammad there were 84 battles were fought and only 1014 people were died.

Indian police officer gets astonished after seeing these results of battles which are unbelievable. No one in the world can give the example of these battles in which minimum loss has been recorded as mentioned earlier. In the next in his speech, he repeated the unforgettable scene of Conquest of Makkah, where Prophet Muhammad showed his generosity and kindness towards his bitter enemies.

Those people of Makkah who did not respect to Prophet Muhammad at any stage and not forget any teasing way to disrespect of Prophet Muhammad. So in the time of Conquest of Makkah, they were all weak and feeble against Great Prophet Muhammad and thinking of strange punishments but they were wrong. Prophet Muhammad forgave all of them even the acidic enemy of Islam was also got his forgiveness named Abu Sufiyan.

Indian police officer seems to be very impressed by the charming and charismatic personality of Prophet Muhammad. He also shared the Treaty Hudaibiyah in which people of Quraish decided to choke off the caravan of Prophet Muhammad and would not let them to offer pilgrimage. After having a long discussion at that point of Hudaibiyah, Prophet Muhammad had to go back and also accepted their conditions which were tough to accept.

Hazrat Umar with other comrades was very angry after the acceptance of it. But they all found how that Treaty Hudaibiyah became beneficial to all Muslims. Indian police officer also shared the rare incident of old woman who disrespected to Prophet Muhammad and how she got treated nicely by him. So if we see the whole biography of Prophet Muhammad, we will see the humanity in real shape.

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