Indian Navy Praises Pakistani Aircraft

Indian media shouted on big blunder of its Navy Authorities as they showed a full image of Pakistani Aircraft named JF-17 Thunder fighter in December 2011. According to Indian media it was not enough as the same mistake was carried forward on the next pages as it is and it was being seemed there is no reasonable official there to see this big unforgettable mistake.

This incident was happened at time when Navy Authorities were showing their aircrafts to their nation as a proud but it ruined the whole taste of their amusement. The aircraft that was showed by Navy management was made by Chinese-Pak collaboration few years ago which got too much fame due to its extraordinary features.

Indian Media took it as a big shame for whole Indian nation as well as the whole Navy officials as it showed as they had no control on their advertising department. It had become the day of embarrassment as a whole as they were celebrating on their achievements but by showing the aircraft of opponents.

Talking about Navy department, no country can imagine remaining safe without this army department as it also plays its full role for country’s defense. In this wing, naval ship which is also called military ship is totally different from civil ships and totally armed with war equipments. It is also said as Indian navy is also one of those navy armies which have numbers of naval ships.

Training of Navy department is also different from other army department as the army men of this department have to deal with water environment. Training instructors of Navy wing also use scuba equipment while training sessions in water. The person who remained in water for long time during training sessions also called as scuba diver.

Talking about mistake made by Indian Navy, Indian media further told that there was no Navy official reaction showed at that time. According to Indian media, Navy management were commemorating that conquering day when they attacked on Karachi harbour during the war of 1971 and hilariously they were showing the aircraft of their opponents as a proud.


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