Indian Media Reports on Pakistani Missile Technology

There is only one country in this region of Sub-Continent who is totally against the missile technology of Pakistan which named as India. In this region of Sub-Continent from the day first, there are two countries which always remain at opponent ends and never try to sit together. These both countries are always remain in this effort to show supremacy to each other in this region without any cause.

Now a days, some kind of verbal war again has been started between these two countries in which leaders of both countries including other politicians started to deliver statements against each other. This is not happening for the first time whenever these two countries going to be stable, abruptly from Indian side, very harsh statements deliver which disrupt the whole environment.

Now a day, Indian media is at the front end in this task and do not missing any occasion to create the problem. In this given footage, one can see how Indian media is propagating against Pakistani missile technology and trying to prove it as it has been got through illegal ways which is totally wrong. In other words, Indian media is trying to unveil the missile technology of Pakistan.

After having a brief analysis on history of these two countries, we definitely find very clear and straight answers about the clashes which have been developed from the day first. For the first time, Indian breached the code of conduct of United Nation by sending its troops in Kashmir without the permission of United Nations. There is no doubt, according to the charter, living people of any constituency would decide to which country they like to attach.

But India breached the rules and regulations of United Nations and occupied on Jammu Kashmir in which the majority people belong to Muslim religion and they want to be a part of Pakistan. On the other hand, regarding missile technology, it was the India who tested for the first time and started to warn as they would destroy Pakistan after achieving the full missile technology.

Now, undoubtedly, Pakistan has got world’s best missile technology on which Indian media is crying. Indian media should tell as it was the India who guided us to attain these technologies otherwise we were not eager for this. We, as a nation, want peaceful region with peaceful neighbors without having any tussles.

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